SPELLING, are you getting it write right? If you’re not exposed to or using something every day, whether that’s a procedure or a routine task, it can be challenging to improve. For example, words – and the spelling of those words! The art of spelling is something that’s escaped me. I know I’m intelligent. I’m […]

What a great evening we had at the awards for 2019. Just to see the amazing work going on in the community! Friday 15th November is an important night for Kehorne as we are sponsors of the Slough CVS awards evening. Whilst we have a fairly small part to play in this actual evening – […]

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to say something positive to that special person than to wrap up a special message in a new website designed by Kehorne! Now whilst this might be a little bit tongue in cheek there is a real message in here – that being you can do […]

Kehorne were there, did you support us? Never too late! Highlighting an issue & giving something back What a night! Luckily it was dry (until 5.30am when the rain started but seeing as wake up was 6am it didn’t seem to matter) – cold but dry and I’ll take that any time! We set up […]

This is really perhaps a personal point but it translates into the business world because how we effect others reflects on us. I was in Slough, which statically has a rather bad record with traffic and the number of, lets call them incidents! Car insurance is higher here than outside Slough and that has to […]

There will be a lot of news about “KRACK” over the coming days. Without going into too much boring detail – it will be important to keep an eye out for updates to your phones, computers and routers as patches begin to get released. Don’t panic but do not ignore any updates!  https://goo.gl/MGwpcP

We have a big fan of the NFL in the office. He was at the Wembley game on Sunday 24th September 2017 and witnesses many of the players kneeling as the USA anthem was played. They all stood for ours. The issue for these guys is racial problems in the USA, not a disrespect of […]

If you’re into music on your iPhone and are looking forward to the iPhone 7 then here’s some bad news. Apple have announced plans to get rid of the 3.5mm socket in an attempt to make the iPhone 7 thinner, more waterproof and with more room for the battery. This will leave most iPhone fans […]

The Friday Piece This weekend we see another example of the David Beckham brand and just how massive it is. In case you have missed the announcements  there is a charity football match with current and ex football stars on Saturday and it will be televised on BBC One later that night. In the coverage […]