SPELLING, are you getting it right?

Misspelling of Friday

SPELLING, are you getting it write right?

If you’re not exposed to or using something every day, whether that’s a procedure or a routine task, it can be challenging to improve.
For example, words – and the spelling of those words! The art of spelling is something that’s escaped me. I know I’m intelligent. I’m a partner in a successful business, and I’m very confident that I know my stuff when it comes to websites and the associated technology. But when it comes to spelling…well…

Social media – a new language
My problem is, I’m sure, further compounded by society’s reliance on ‘social media speak’ nowadays. As if learning English hasn’t been hard enough, there’s now a whole new set of rules to learn and follow. Lol?
Abbreviations have taken over, so space can be saved in messages; and all capitalisation and punctuation rules are out the window!
And one of my biggest frustrations? If you don’t know how to spell something – can’t even get close – how the heck are you supposed to be able to look it up in a dictionary? Even the mighty Google search engine is no help if you’re way off the mark to begin with!

Accepting help is – acceptable!
I do sometimes ask Google to help. BUT warning, even if your phone is on silent, it suddenly shouts out the spelling. And, in a quiet office that can really cause embarrassment…
There are other tools out there that can help though.
The Easy Spelling Aid app is marketed at kids; but don’t let that put you off. It’s similar to Google in that you can speak the word you need help with, and it’s incredibly helpful for anyone who has dyslexia as it uses ‘Open Dyslexic’ Font and colour overlays.
Spell and pronounce words right is also a great app. It not only helps you discover the correct spelling, but it also gives you the added detail of how to pronounce that word; meaning fewer embarrassing moments!

Never – ever – feel inadequate
Although poor spelling skills can often result in being judged negatively by others, you must remember: spelling isn’t a reflection of intelligence. But it’s still necessary to know how to spell to be successful in work endeavours.
And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did dictate this! It has far too many long words for me to spell!