Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to say something positive to that special person than to wrap up a special message in a new website designed by Kehorne!

Now whilst this might be a little bit tongue in cheek there is a real message in here – that being you can do a  website or even just a special page on an existing website to promote something particular.

What we do a lot of is small promotion websites for larger clients who might have an internal team working on the day to day running and updating of the company website, these small projects fall outside what they do and they fall back to Kehorne to put this sort of website together.

We also help our smaller clients with adding specific pages within an existing site to promote a special event or product. This should be pretty straight forward to do but often a website was not put together with additional pages in mind, so drop down menus might be solutions to adding new pages or slotting them in as new menu items.

Add to this, and keeping in mind the goal of increasing awareness to the outside world, we need to promote the new page/site to Google so we get traffic to it. This is where we need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and although this can be very simple and easy – it can need a bit of hand holding to make it happen effectively. This is where we at Kehorne like to make sure we help add value to our clients by guidance in this rather confusing area. I will add it is not really that confusing – as soon as it is explained I think pretty much anyone will see how easy it can be – time rich perhaps – but not too difficult.