There are two ways that you can look at email marketing – and with this email marketing top tips special, we will aim to point you in the right direction. There’s a right way to do it, and there is the wrong way to do it from an ethical point of view.  A couple of […]

It’s is the end of season two of the Kehorne podcast and we’re talking about so what next for your website?  What more can it do for you? As well as maintaining your website on a regular basis in terms of software updates, plugins etc, we like to put time in our diaries to regularly […]

So your website is now live – what are your ongoing website costs?  What should I be looking out for? From a technical perspective, you’ve got domain name, hosting and maintenance costs to consider and you might also be paying for an external email service.  Then you potentially have third party and infrastructure costs such […]

So – you’ve created a website.  What do you need to do next ….. promote it and help people find it.  Ensuring search engines can find your site is relatively easy for the most part.  The important thing to remember is the 80:20 rule –  That last little bit is likely to take more effort […]

This week on our podcast, we are talking about managing your website and keeping it relevant – both technically as in how you manage it, what plugins you use (if it’s WordPress) but also keeping it relevant in terms of your content. As we’ve discussed before, a decision needs to be made on whether to […]

This week, special guest Andrew Laws joins us to talk about internet marketing. So – what is internet marketing? We use the phrase, internet marketing or digital marketing to explain a number of marketing methods and channels that we can use to promote a business. In summary, it’s a way of increasing the reach of […]

So last week we talked about designing.  This week, we’re talking about building it yourself or paying to have it built. So I suppose we should set a few parameters around that so that everyone knows who we’re talking about. So build yourself is basically using one of the site builder services that allow you […]

This week in our 30 second read, we’re talking about designing your website. How do you start?  The first thing you should do is write down on a piece of paper, What is the website for, what do  I want it to achieve? The clearer the idea is to you, the quicker and clearer it […]

In this episode of the Podcast we start by asking one of the most important questions to consider before building a website, what is your website for?  Often this can be overlooked, because everyone assumes they know what their website is actually for – but it’s fundamental to everything you do beyond this point, because […]