This week, special guest Andrew Laws joins us to talk about internet marketing. So – what is internet marketing? We use the phrase, internet marketing or digital marketing to explain a number of marketing methods and channels that we can use to promote a business. In summary, it’s a way of increasing the reach of […]

So last week we talked about designing.  This week, we’re talking about building it yourself or paying to have it built. So I suppose we should set a few parameters around that so that everyone knows who we’re talking about. So build yourself is basically using one of the site builder services that allow you […]

This week in our 30 second read, we’re talking about designing your website. How do you start?  The first thing you should do is write down on a piece of paper, What is the website for, what do  I want it to achieve? The clearer the idea is to you, the quicker and clearer it […]