I strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and helping others skill up. This belief has led me to spend many years sharing skills and devoting time sharing expertise, and my latest project is to dedicate six hours a month on an ad hoc basis to teaching on a Government-funded ‘Skills for Life’ program. […]

Having a website is not just reserved for big corporations or established businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, whether it’s a small local shop or a freelancer working from home, having a website is crucial. It is the window through which your potential customers can find you, learn about your offerings, and engage […]

On 17th of April Kehorne turn 16, so we will take a stroll down memory lane to reminisce on Kehorne’s evolution since its inception in 2008. From humble beginnings with our Managing Director, David Horne, at the helm as the sole pioneer, to the bustling hive of creativity and expertise we’re proud to be today. […]

Companies must constantly find ways to stay ahead. One approach that has gained significant traction in recent years is relationship marketing. Unlike traditional forms of marketing that focus solely on making a sale, relationship marketing emphasises building long-term relationships with customers. As a small business owner, this approach can help you foster a loyal following […]

As a small business owner, you want to stay on top of your game and make the most out of your website. This is where Google Analytics comes in. It is designed to help you understand your website’s visitor data, such as how many people are visiting your website, what pages they are viewing, how […]

As a small business you often have an online presence, so designing a website that meets the needs and expectations of your target customers is vital. Failure to address user needs and preferences in web design could lead to a reduction in customer satisfaction and sales. This is why user experience (UX) is so vital […]

The future of e-commerce looks bright, and small businesses need to understand and embrace the changes to survive. This blog post will focus on the future trends and predictions for e-commerce and how small businesses can make the most of them. The Growth of Mobile Commerce Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is the use of smartphones […]

If you’re running a small business, marketing is essential for success. The good news is that digital marketing has made marketing more accessible to small business owners. Unfortunately, digital marketing can also be difficult to track effectively. That’s why it’s important to measure your return on investment (ROI) to determine the success of your online […]