A professional website drives sales. Nearly 70% of consumers agree that they are more likely to buy from a business that has a website over one that does not (Source: Google My Business).  It is your business shopfront and can build credibility and confidence in your company, products or services. That’s why it’s important to consider […]

Blogs and Websites – what’s the big deal? Some people still see a Blog as a totally separate thing to a website when in my view if you have a website you should have a Blog and I’ll try to explain why in a simple way. What I should point out is a bit of […]

Does your website need a health check?  How do you know if it is working as it should? There are lots of reasons to regularly review the functionality of your website.  Some are more important than others and could result in gains such as converting more visitors or ranking higher in Google search, increasing your site […]

Chances are, if you were online on the morning of Tuesday 8th June you will have noticed a number of websites not loading. You may have even wondered if your internet was down generally, given the number of websites which were affected by the outage of Fastly, a content delivery network. Even if you weren’t […]

From electric cars to computers, smart phones and smart kettles – is everything smart now? Or perhaps it will be when artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. But websites are also run on software and as well as keeping your phone and computers up to date, you should also keep the software running your website up […]

We’re always looking at the core technologies we use every day to deliver our service to clients. And there isn’t any technology as fundamental to our service as hosting. In recent years this is an area which has seen a lot of new options with the advent of cloud hosting. But whenever we evaluated these […]

If you need to restrict the number of people who visit your business then an online appointment system will be the ideal solution. From hairdressers and nail bars to small shops we can either integrate into an existing WordPress website or add a new site that links to an existing site. We have an example […]

We have known for a long time that the way we presented ourselves to the world was a contradiction, we talk about our big projects and clients, but show only our more mainstream work. This is largely to do with the NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) we have with our marketing partners, so we cannot show the […]

Some time ago we had a chat with a marketing guy who pointed out the issues with our main site (www.kehorne.co.uk) because it was trying to (and failing) at pointing out what we do and in what markets. Because we have a rather diverse client base the site was confusing, making us look too small […]