Those who read our news articles regularly will recognise I’ve written about this before. But you see I read and hear people complaining about the noise from Heathrow (LHR) so often, the time has come to reiterate my thoughts. Again. Here are my pet grievances on the topic. First, for those that live in and […]

Gaming doesn’t always get positive press. And for that reason some choose to hide their guilty pleasure and become a ‘Closet Gamer’. Daniel Craig, or 007 in his most famous guise, is reportedly one such case in point. Past comments from him have suggested gaming plays a big part in his life – to the […]

No – we’re not talking Snooker. We’re not even talking about Scrabble where spelling out the word brown grabs you 10 points and blue gets you only six! We’re talking about preparing for Blue Monday next week (20th January). We ‘get’ that the business world and beyond will be talking about Blue Monday. And we […]

C’mon Britain – get your smiles back to work! We’ve been passing a fascinating article round the Kehorne offices – alongside working on our eagerly anticipated new websites for Kehorne Digital and Kehorne Bespoke of course. Maybe we noticed it because we all seem a little frazzled after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do […]

2019 has been a busy year at Kehorne, growing our team and developing our service offering. We have been joined by three new members of staff, as well as splitting the company into two in order to provide a more focused service. Kehorne Digital will be for our direct clients where we provide an end […]

SPELLING, are you getting it write right? If you’re not exposed to or using something every day, whether that’s a procedure or a routine task, it can be challenging to improve. For example, words – and the spelling of those words! The art of spelling is something that’s escaped me. I know I’m intelligent. I’m […]

How do you know if what you are doing on social media is working? Oh if we had an easy answer to this wouldn’t life be grand? Sometimes it’s easy to tell. The comments increase, the “likes” increase, the phone goes – and you get more work. But, the reality is, it’s not anywhere near […]

What a great evening we had at the awards for 2019. Just to see the amazing work going on in the community! Friday 15th November is an important night for Kehorne as we are sponsors of the Slough CVS awards evening. Whilst we have a fairly small part to play in this actual evening – […]

Don’t want to use Social Media in your business? Think again! For some, even the thought of the perceived hassle involved in posting relevant messages on social media channels several times a week is enough to make them hide on the fire escape. But if that’s you, it’s time to turn around and face reality. […]