Zoom and Wine Tasting – Now here is a topic that has gained a fair bit of traction over the last few months. I have to be one of the original doubters who thought it would never work but having said that about Zoom networking, and being found totally wrong, I was more than happy […]

Wait – I know we have all heard perhaps too much about this topic but it is important. Here’s my personal take on things…. What are the issues of mental health in Lockdown? Isolation Loneliness Boredom Alcohol Home-schooling Money Lack of direction No one spending money No holidays So what! Some people are having a […]

Looking for a “cycle ride near me”? May 9th 2021 -put the date in your diary! We are looking at doing a round trip with a route from Windsor to High Wycombe to Marlow to Maidenhead and back to Windsor. Approx. mileage for the day out would be about 56 miles at a leisurely pace […]

Now more than ever, with the madness and sadness going on around us, we need to stay connected. Yes, that’s an obvious statement, and this message is everywhere. However, some struggle with the very concept of connecting, networking and socialising.  In my opinion, our ability, even our need, to connect and socialise changes dramatically as […]

Top Ten Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep We’ve done the hard work for you and collated some recommended ways to get a better night’s sleep. But first, in case you’ve had your head in the sand (or under a pillow if you’re lucky!) a reminder of why sleep is essential. It affects our […]

Gaming doesn’t always get positive press. And for that reason some choose to hide their guilty pleasure and become a ‘Closet Gamer’. Daniel Craig, or 007 in his most famous guise, is reportedly one such case in point. Past comments from him have suggested gaming plays a big part in his life – to the […]

C’mon Britain – get your smiles back to work! We’ve been passing a fascinating article round the Kehorne offices – alongside working on our eagerly anticipated new websites for Kehorne Digital and Kehorne Bespoke of course. Maybe we noticed it because we all seem a little frazzled after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do […]

SPELLING, are you getting it write right? If you’re not exposed to or using something every day, whether that’s a procedure or a routine task, it can be challenging to improve. For example, words – and the spelling of those words! The art of spelling is something that’s escaped me. I know I’m intelligent. I’m […]

What a great evening we had at the awards for 2019. Just to see the amazing work going on in the community! Friday 15th November is an important night for Kehorne as we are sponsors of the Slough CVS awards evening. Whilst we have a fairly small part to play in this actual evening – […]