Kehorne Celebrate 16 Years

On 17th of April Kehorne turn 16, so we will take a stroll down memory lane to reminisce on Kehorne’s evolution since its inception in 2008. From humble beginnings with our Managing Director, David Horne, at the helm as the sole pioneer, to the bustling hive of creativity and expertise we’re proud to be today.

Humble Beginnings and Significant Strides

Our founder, armed with a vision and indefatigable spirit, laid the foundation of what would become a beacon of excellence in our industry. The addition of Daniel, our first dedicated developer fresh from university, marked the beginning of a growth trajectory powered by talent and innovation.  Next came Paul who brought his expertise in Optimising websites for Google searches as well as several other areas of the business knowledge.

Our early days were earmarked by a simple yet potent commitment – to deliver exceptional service in website optimisation and beyond. And as the team expanded, so did our capabilities and our aspirations. Our ensemble now boasts skilled developers, visionary designers, and meticulous project managers, alongside a network of specialised external support in areas such as social media, accounting, and IT.

Through ups and downs including a pandemic, Kehorne has not just survived but thrived, marking each year with milestones that underscore our commitment to excellence.

Pivotal Achievements

Reflecting on past achievements, we celebrate the milestones that have shaped our company. Some noteworthy moments include:

  • Expansion of Expertise: Our growth from a single-man operation to a full-fledged team with diversified skills.
  • Successful Projects: Implementing innovative solutions that have consistently delivered results beyond expectations.
  • Client Partnerships: Forming long-lasting relationships with clients who trust us to steer their projects to success.

Envisioning the Future

Looking forward, we face the future with anticipation for the road ahead. Our blueprint for the coming months is dotted with ambitions that promise to make this year pivotal in our history.

Last year we welcomed many new clients and look forward to more this year.  And while we’re mindful of the unexpected—we now know, thanks to recent global events, that plans must always be held loosely—we remain guided by a well-crafted strategy that provides direction and purpose.

We are ready to tackle the next year at Kehorne with zeal. Our goals are set, the team is primed, and our collective spirit is more robust than ever.

To all our staff, clients, and partners who continue to be part of this incredible voyage, we thank you.