Promoting Your Small Business Blog


So you have spent hours writing some valuable, engaging business blogs – now it is time to start promoting them.

Devote just an hour to craft and schedule your social media posts, and reap the rewards for months to come!

Turn a Blog Post into an Instagram Carousel Post

Instagram may love videos, but your great blog content has a place here too. Convert it into a swipeable carousel post to make sure it pops up in followers’ feeds more than once – a nifty trick for visibility!

Signal Your ‘New Blog Alert’ on Instagram

Grab attention with a sleek graphic that shouts ‘new blog post’ right on your Insta grid. Use an enticing snippet from your article and a call-to-action in the caption to steer traffic your way.

Storytell on Instagram Stories

Ever notice you catch Stories more than grid posts? Feature your freshest blog piece in a Story with a nifty link sticker, and remind your watchers to take a peek.

Resurrect Your Blog with Timely Throwbacks

Got evergreen or seasonal content? Don’t let it gather dust. When the time is right, remind the social world of your wisdom with a well-timed post.

Curate a Blog Showcase in Your Instagram Stories

Give your audience a weekly round-up or monthly digest of your blogs via Stories. It’s a second chance to engage those who missed out the first time.

Directly Connect with Your Blog’s Stars

Spotlighted a fellow creator or brand in your post? Drop them a personal message and you may get a shout-out that could boost your blog’s audiences.

Embed Your Blog Gems in Your Emails

Pepper your email campaigns with a little blog brilliance. Attach quick links or buttons to your latest posts, tempting your subscribers to dive into more content.

Craft a Dedicated Blog Email

Bypass the social media uncertainty. Deliver your blog post straight to your audience’s inbox.

Strategically Plant Blog Posts on Facebook

Facebook’s scheduler is your friend. Share your blog instantly, and then set dates for future highlights to keep your content blooming throughout the year.

Maximise Your Blog’s X Posts (Tweets)

Remember, brevity is king on W (formerly Twitter). Pique interest with your 280 characters or spin a compelling tweet thread, all leading back to your blog.

Expand Your Horizon with Cross-Posting on Medium

Let your blog reach new audiences on Medium with a simple import and a canonical link. It’s about playing smart and guiding readers back to your primary platform.

It might sound like a grand plan, but with a few templates and a bit of scheduling, you’ll pull in website visits – making every effort worth it.

And if you want a great website to host your blog then contact us and we can help you create one.