A recent BBC article detailed what this is about but put simply it is someone who forms a simple “company”, looks on a China website that is like eBay, finds a product that is cheap, lists it on their own shop website at an inflated margin and then starts selling it. When someone buys it […]

It may feel like everything is closed and no one is working, but some businesses are busy – and most are open to suggestions on how they can carry on trading. Clearly this is not true for all – if you are a hairdresser or a barber for example, you can’t help people to cut […]

First, we should explain what an SSL is. The full term is Secure Socket Layer – but it’s often also referred to as a Secure Certificate. And what they mean is, technology is in use to create an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. In other words, it’s a layer of […]

New Year, New start…so let’s use this time to get right into the housekeeping – especially the IT stuff that gets forgotten too often! It’s apparent in our line of work that lots of companies are still using Windows 7 – yes, it’s true… So I did some testing so we could offer you the […]

Happy New Year to you all. Well lets use this time to get right into the housekeeping with IT, but specifically if you are still using Windows 7 – and yes some of us out there are still using it. I had an old PC running it so wondered if I could still upgrade it […]

How to make your website attractive to Google? Part 4 – Get analysed To recap: in our previous blog ‘Part 3 – Get Found (Better)’, we discussed the following: 1. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes Think of yourself as a storyteller and put yourself in your reader’s shoes: Every blog should have a clear […]

When I say fun I suppose you have to define “fun”. Perhaps difficult learning curve might be better! I had fun doing this video – recording it was easy enough, mobile phone, stand to hold it, plug in £5 microphone and a cheap video editing package…. what could go wrong! Overall I think it is […]

How to make your website attractive to Google? Part 3 – Get found better To recap: in our previous blog ‘Part 2 – Get content’ blog, we discussed the following: 1.Five reasons why Google ‘likes’ blogs and ranks them for SEO purposes Proves the website is ‘alive’ External Links Internal Links Long-tail keywords Improves user […]

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”   Google’s Mission Statement  Organisation, accessibility and usefulness – remember those three keywords, for they are Google’s mantra when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).   Following on from our ‘How to make your website attractive to Google?’ series of blogs, having started with Part 1 – Get found, we now move […]