As a web user we all want to feel safe and secure when on the Internet. So surely as a provider of goods or services with a website we should be making sure our clients and web users have the experience they need, and in this case it is a secure website with the little […]

Today for many of us WordPress fans is when we get a chance to update to a new version of this very popular Content Management System. Whilst updates are a normal part of life for all sorts of things from our channels on TV, computer operating systems and now of course our mobile phones. But […]

A recent BBC article detailed what this is about but put simply it is someone who forms a simple “company”, looks on a China website that is like eBay, finds a product that is cheap, lists it on their own shop website at an inflated margin and then starts selling it. When someone buys it […]

It may feel like everything is closed and no one is working, but some businesses are busy – and most are open to suggestions on how they can carry on trading. Clearly this is not true for all – if you are a hairdresser or a barber for example, you can’t help people to cut […]

First, we should explain what an SSL is. The full term is Secure Socket Layer – but it’s often also referred to as a Secure Certificate. And what they mean is, technology is in use to create an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. In other words, it’s a layer of […]

New Year, New start…so let’s use this time to get right into the housekeeping – especially the IT stuff that gets forgotten too often! It’s apparent in our line of work that lots of companies are still using Windows 7 – yes, it’s true… So I did some testing so we could offer you the […]

Happy New Year to you all. Well lets use this time to get right into the housekeeping with IT, but specifically if you are still using Windows 7 – and yes some of us out there are still using it. I had an old PC running it so wondered if I could still upgrade it […]

How to make your website attractive to Google? Part 4 – Get analysed To recap: in our previous blog ‘Part 3 – Get Found (Better)’, we discussed the following: 1. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes Think of yourself as a storyteller and put yourself in your reader’s shoes: Every blog should have a clear […]