So “IT” is 30 years old today…. IT = The Internet the World Wide Web Does this make me old? To my kids ,YES! I spent this morning trying to put some things into perspective with my teenage children…. My first PC was built by my Dad, it had 8KB of raw power – a […]

New Year Resolutions: 7 Quick Tips to improve your online relationship…with your website We have a few ideas on some easy to achieve things that you can do and added an idea of the timescales involved in doing these tasks. 1. Remain constantly updated (5 minutes) Many people now use WordPress websites – they are […]

Things to consider with your web presence…. When you are starting out controlling costs is everything. I usually suggest you start with the cheapest options available, but these are some of the things to consider:- Buy your domain name yourself. There are various places to do this and it ensures you keep the costs down […]

Every week we see more stories of jobs being lost to automation. Some make national and international news, others don’t get so much attention. But it’s becoming clear that the process that went into overdrive with the industrial revolution is speeding up again, and the fear is that this time it might not see new […]

The world of work is changing, more and more jobs are being automated, but it is not necessarily just the jobs that you think it should be that are going. Traditionally we have seen many apparently ‘low skilled’ jobs that require lots of physical power disappear. If we take farming as an example, before combine […]

When we first published this article it was aimed at informing people that there were many different extensions available for their potential domain name. So if your version has been taken you have so many options for something similar its easy to pick something else. I recently had a sole trader send me an […]

GDPR hits us all with new regulations on data protection on 18th May 2018 and all businesses must be prepared, because the fines available to be imposed could be significant. Well worth getting your house in order well before this date! In this short video we have a small piece of guidance that should help.

We recently had an enlightening experience which re-emphasised to us the importance of providing good on-going support, and building strong trusting relationships with clients. It is part of our company ethic to provide this to our clients, but a recent experience with one of our suppliers helped us see just how important this is from […]

Top Level Domains (commonly referred to as TLDs) such as .com and have been ‘part of the furniture’ of the internet for pretty much as long as there has been an internet. But in recent times new TLDs such as .design and .marketing have started to make a splash. The first of these became […]