In this episode, we are talking about who are your website users and how they access your site?  If you’re designing a new website, it’s really important to consider and understand this before you start. If you’ve had a website before, it would be a good idea to load Google Analytics (GA).  GA is a […]

The first thing you need to consider when building your own website is getting a domain name (and in fact, you should buy it, even if you’re not going to build your own website straightaway, because it will never, ever, not be useful). Let’s start with a technical definition; it’s purely an address, and is […]

This week we are talking about why do you need a website to begin with.  In Season 2 of our podcast, we are covering a wide range of topics with the aim of sharing our 20 years experience and tips from guests experts to help you to improve your own website. It’s a straightforward question, but […]