What is your website for?

What is your website for?

In this episode of the Podcast we start by asking one of the most important questions to consider before building a website, what is your website for?  Often this can be overlooked, because everyone assumes they know what their website is actually for – but it’s fundamental to everything you do beyond this point, because if you don’t know what the website’s for, then how will your users.

Often there can be more than one purpose, so it is important to tease out the main function – and if there is more than one department involved in contributing towards the build of the website, its key too that the website objectives are shared.

Whether your website objective is e-commerce (to physically sell your product or services online) or to tell the world about your company and what you do, it’s essentially your shop window and an opportunity to raise brand awareness and confidence.  It’s often the first port of call for a potential customer before they consider buying anything from you or getting in touch.

Creating a knowledge base or blog builds credibility and allows you to showcase your expertise in your field, as well as that of your team.  Showcasing previous clients’ work and testimonials can build trust, and so the layers of your website start to form.

Many websites are built to be informative, practical and knowledgeable.  Some are built to sell.  Many however are designed for entertainment, offering up huge advertising opportunities and this sector is huge and still growing exponentially.

Whatever your website’s purpose, being clear at the beginning and ensuring that all of your stakeholders are aligned will give you the best possible chance of success.  Once the groundwork has been done, you can begin to think about how your website will look and the functionality it will need to meet your objectives – which we’re covering in upcoming episodes, so check back soon for our next 30 second read or listen in to more of our podcast.