A Small Act Of Kindness

This is really perhaps a personal point but it translates into the business world because how we effect others reflects on us.

I was in Slough, which statically has a rather bad record with traffic and the number of, lets call them incidents! Car insurance is higher here than outside Slough and that has to be based on statistics of claims.

So I work in Slough, drive in Slough and cycle here. Every so often – and in fact more than I expect – someone driving a car helps me out by being kind and friendly. When cycling they might let me pull out in front of them. For perhaps the wrong reason this always surprise me, when it shouldn’t. But I’m always humbled and try my best to take this positive behaviour and do my best to pass this on.

Helping people in even a small way (thanking other drivers with a wave – whats the cost in that) does make me feel better and this makes my life better. The bigger the “help” the better I feel – and this translates into my business and personal life – everyone becomes a winner.

I (and Kehorne) are helping charities in and around Slough. The latest is the Big Sleep Out on Friday 30th November to help tackle the homeless issue. If you would consider sponsoring our night out I would be very appreciative. Just Giving page and the money will go to the Trinity charity.