Windows 10 and Sage

Windows 10 and Sage

We use Sage Instant Accounting V20 in the office and although we contacted Sage they were not able to tell us with any confidence that it would work on Windows 10 so the only way was to try it out on a space PC to see if it was compatible.

The easy answer is it all worked fine.

I can see why Sage don’t want to confirm this sort of thing for two main reasons, the first being each PC system is different and there are many versions of Sage and thus to do a blanket answer of “yes, it is compatible” leaves them open to all sorts of issues with support and secondly they are bringing out a new version which will be written with Windows 10 and they want people to pay more for the new version! That is my personal opinion and I’m just a cynic!

Hopefully if you need to upgrade to Windows 10 and you use Sage it will all go well.

If you experience any problems using these systems please let us know.