Software drives the world

Coded globe

From electric cars to computers, smart phones and smart kettles – is everything smart now? Or perhaps it will be when artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. But websites are also run on software and as well as keeping your phone and computers up to date, you should also keep the software running your website up to the latest standards.

To keep it as simple as possible, a website is written in a computer code (software) but it also is running on a server (hosting) that also runs on software and this also gets updates at regular intervals – eventually they move from version to version and do what most manufacturers do which is stop supporting the oldest!  If you haven’t been updating as you go, you will find yourself in a mess and asking Kehorne to bail you out – which we can do of course!

Electric cars want to be automated so they need super fast computers, fast computers consume more power and create more heat, which needs a powered fan to keep it cool, more power for the computer means less battery power to use to travel distance.. and so we have a stand off in computer power vs battery usage.

And we haven’t even got around to how many charging points there are around towns and cities let alone where all this power will be generated….

Perhaps this “charging” forward into the electric car revolution may uncover issues that have not been properly addressed. Until we can have a self sufficient power supply in the UK, we can’t see this being a stable situation!

Image:  Gerd Altmann | Pixabay