Social Media Best Practices

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Kehorne recently attended a very informative meeting held by a Biscotti Gold Club – The Business Results Club in Maidenhead – where Denis Zekic from was giving us a talk on social media and its importance in the current business climate.

He started by showing us how fast the business world changes. Where the Fortune 500 companies used to last for 75 years in the index they are now lasting only 15 years. Change happens at an astounding rate and companies that can not move with changes in technology will find themselves going backwards so fast they may nor survive. Kodak was one of the worlds largest brands until the advent of digital photography, where Kodak was overtaken by Nokia as the worlds number one camera manufacturer – and even Nokia fell foul of the changes in technology!

Amazon was quoted as having a saying that every day is Day 1. Keeping to this means they will work to evolve constantly. If they fail at something they fail fast and move on quickly. Overall this has produced amazing results for them.

So should businesses be using social media? The answer has to be YES. This is the way forward. To fight it will be counter productive and perhaps lead to the slow demise of your business.

Is it Free? Well in theory it is – this Blog will cost nothing except my time – so it does have a cost, but the results of well written articles that can be placed in multiple location can be amazing. It just takes time and effort.

What articles attract the most attention? The best things to write are case studies and best practice articles. This is because people love to read something where they can get information that may help them and/or their business.

How to turn your knowledge into Sales? Lead generation is the one area that most business need to improve on. I’ve not met many business owners who say they have enough business and don’t go looking for more – except my local plumber perhaps! What you do need to do is prove you are an expert in your area and you can bring your skill and expertise to bear on someone else’s problem so that you can solve a problem and help them make more money.

Kehorne know the value of a good web system that can streamline your business processes, integrate your social media channels and give you the opportunity to spend more of your time doing what you do best – making money.

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