Is ‘full-fibre’ broadband trial the best way forward?

fibre broadband

Now whilst this is a great thing, and who would disagree with getting faster broadband speeds, I think the element of what exactly is “necessary” has been over shadowed by the issue of pushing technology.

Most of us are still trying get consistent 4G signals on our phones when the Government is talking about 5G.

My personal preference would be to get a consistent level of service with everything we currently have before rushing headlong into super fast fibre and 5G. The Government do seem to push the next “great thing” before the targets have been met of the last “great thing”!

Kehorne recently had to get a dedicated leased line into our office because a fibre option was not available, and we are in the centre of Slough just a stones throw from the High Street, not exactly off the grid. Now I will point out that since we went with this option there appears to be a new company selling fibre options but this was not available when we decided to sign up to a better service.

The issue with most fibre connections is that there may be fibre from the exchange to the nearest roadside cabinets, from there it is fed into houses on copper wires. Now whilst the Government may be trying to tackle this with the new initiative it will only be major businesses and institutions that will benefit, when the roll out of complete fibre on an end to end basis will take considerably longer to come to the average small business user.

I would like to hear what others think about this and if any of my “facts” are wrong I could be put right!