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Email scammers are employing increasingly convincing tactics to try to get you to hand over your personal information or money online. Often, when a cyber criminal contacts you, their emails or texts can look extremely genuine. However, there are a few telltale signs to look out for that will help you to differentiate between a […]

Google Analytics Whether you love Google or hate Google, Google Analytics is an amazing free tool with which you can gain great insights into how people find your website, how they engage with your website, whether they are new or returning users, what devices and browsers they use and much more! In the past, there […]

Part of our journey as a company over the last 10 plus years has been learning what it’s worth doing in-house, and what you need to outsource. As a technology based company it was very easy in the early days for us to get seduced by the idea that we could solve every problem with […]

Do Crypto Currencies scare you? Don’t know enough to even think what they will mean for the future? With the recent move away from cash that the Covid pandemic is forcing upon us I think there will be a move into Crypto currencies – they are also not backed by individual Governments so this attracts […]

With a large proportion of us working from home – and looking like we will be for a while to come, it’s very easy to slip into bad habits now the novelty has worn off. Here are some general tips and best practices to consider from a security point of view. 1) Keep work and […]

The latest version of Google Analytics – named Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has arrived. It was announced by Google in October 2020 and builds on the “App+Web” property features that has been in beta mode for a year or so. GA4 is still very new and new features are still being rolled out. If you […]

We’re always looking at the core technologies we use every day to deliver our service to clients. And there isn’t any technology as fundamental to our service as hosting. In recent years this is an area which has seen a lot of new options with the advent of cloud hosting. But whenever we evaluated these […]

We all seem to think this is a good idea but how many of us actually do this? During lockdown, I went to a local independent restaurant and bought a takeaway. I have known the guy who owns it for years (our daughters have been at the same schools), we both own local businesses, but […]