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What should I be looking out for with my website ongoing costs? Yearly Hosting – can be very cheap but you get what you pay for, higher costs for reliable and managed hosting – is someone watching over this and reacting to issues? Kehorne charge £190 for a simple hosting service  Emails – it is […]

TLDR: Usually not long at all, but sometimes quite a while! But before I get into that, let me explain some jargon first. SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – this is what gives us the padlock and security on a website (the https at the beginning of a URL) – every shopping site MUST have […]

The saying “Quality, price or speed – pick 2” is almost a cliché now if you work in any kind of creative field, so much so that we often take it for granted. But trying to explain these concepts is one of the things we like to try and do with our social media. So […]

…and what you need to know. If you have ever managed or updated your website, then you have probably used WordPress, and if you haven’t you probably know what it is as it is the backbone of approximately 64 million websites. It really is a great CMS (Content Management System) for small to medium sized […]

It takes years to build a good reputation, and can take just days to lose it. The old adage ‘you are only as good as your last project’ is true and with good reason. But as businesses increasingly collaborate on projects and partner with specialist companies for some of their work, the harder it can […]

Does Charity begin at home? Well, in my case charity just begins and should never finish! Some of my favorite charities are local because I feel they are much more personal and I can easily connect with what they stand for. At Kehorne we do try our best to help local charities and good causes […]

Keeping up to date contact details and an accurate record of who you are in business with, both your customers and outside contractors seems like a simple task must do – but sometimes doesn’t get talked about enough. Obviously we’ve all heard the sales pitches for the latest must-have CRM, but it isn’t always the […]

The much-anticipated WordPress 5.9 – the latest version, has arrived. What should you do now? You should do the update but before you do it, take a full backup of your WordPress database and files. It’s important to update the core WordPress first and then update your plugins one at a time and check that […]

It’s how Google or any search engine will find your website.  For this reason, how to choose and set up an SEO key phrase could not be more important to the success of your website and business. So let’s try and keep things simple…. How to choose and set up an SEO key phrase Step […]