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Blogs and Websites – what’s the big deal? Some people still see a Blog as a totally separate thing to a website when in my view if you have a website you should have a Blog and I’ll try to explain why in a simple way. What I should point out is a bit of […]

Sometimes, being in a team can be great and at other times it can be a real bind. But in my experience I’ve felt much better as part of a team and over the last 10 years or so at Kehorne, teamworking has been a great resource and benefit to me for the work I […]

Does your website need a health check?  How do you know if it is working as it should? There are lots of reasons to regularly review the functionality of your website.  Some are more important than others and could result in gains such as converting more visitors or ranking higher in Google search, increasing your site […]

Chances are, if you were online on the morning of Tuesday 8th June you will have noticed a number of websites not loading. You may have even wondered if your internet was down generally, given the number of websites which were affected by the outage of Fastly, a content delivery network. Even if you weren’t […]

From electric cars to computers, smart phones and smart kettles – is everything smart now? Or perhaps it will be when artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. But websites are also run on software and as well as keeping your phone and computers up to date, you should also keep the software running your website up […]

Cold calling businesses as a tactic to find new customers and win new work has it’s pros and cons. It’ll make sense for some businesses, and not for others. But what doesn’t make sense for any business in my opinion is cold calling and straight up lying, which is an experience I went through with […]

At Kehorne, we use WordPress extensively, and we’re in prestigious company! The has chosen to use WordPress again. A fun fact is that they have built their own theme called “The White House” and the version number is – you got it – 46! (you know Biden is the 46th president….(tumbleweed)). ( WordPress currently […]

We’ve been using Google Workspace under one name or another (initially it was named Google Apps, and then later GSuite) for more than 10 years, and so we thought we’d share some of the reasons we’re just as keen on it today as when we started using it. Easy to set-up No process is ever […]

Kehorne has recently launched a new Brand Asset Management system – in our Q&A, MD David Horne talks about what they are, how you can use them and what the benefits for your business could be ….. 1. Where did the idea originate from We have built a number of these systems for large clients […]