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Top Ten Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep We’ve done the hard work for you and collated some recommended ways to get a better night’s sleep. But first, in case you’ve had your head in the sand (or under a pillow if you’re lucky!) a reminder of why sleep is essential. It affects our […]

In recognition of International Women’s Day this Sunday, 8th March, we thought it appropriate to take a look at an amazing, yet seemingly ordinary woman who played her part to influence the world we live in today. And although over half a century ago, her work took place no more than 30 mins away from […]

A week after telling you all to ‘Love your customers’ on Valentine’s Day, it’s still a topic of conversation in the Kehorne office because we’re still talking about the news that after the collapse of the Woodford Empire (last year) the 300,000 investors were told at the end of January they were to lose almost […]

Those who read our news articles regularly will recognise I’ve written about this before. But you see I read and hear people complaining about the noise from Heathrow (LHR) so often, the time has come to reiterate my thoughts. Again. Here are my pet grievances on the topic. First, for those that live in and […]

Gaming doesn’t always get positive press. And for that reason some choose to hide their guilty pleasure and become a ‘Closet Gamer’. Daniel Craig, or 007 in his most famous guise, is reportedly one such case in point. Past comments from him have suggested gaming plays a big part in his life – to the […]

No – we’re not talking Snooker. We’re not even talking about Scrabble where spelling out the word brown grabs you 10 points and blue gets you only six! We’re talking about preparing for Blue Monday next week (20th January). We ‘get’ that the business world and beyond will be talking about Blue Monday. And we […]

C’mon Britain – get your smiles back to work! We’ve been passing a fascinating article round the Kehorne offices – alongside working on our eagerly anticipated new websites for Kehorne Digital and Kehorne Bespoke of course. Maybe we noticed it because we all seem a little frazzled after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do […]

First, we should explain what an SSL is. The full term is Secure Socket Layer – but it’s often also referred to as a Secure Certificate. And what they mean is, technology is in use to create an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. In other words, it’s a layer of […]

New Year, New start…so let’s use this time to get right into the housekeeping – especially the IT stuff that gets forgotten too often! It’s apparent in our line of work that lots of companies are still using Windows 7 – yes, it’s true… So I did some testing so we could offer you the […]