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Kehorne has been using a business coach for a while now – here are the perspectives from two members of the management team about why it might be time to think about using one in your business. Kehorne MD – David, discusses his experience using a business coach. “I was not sure about having a […]

In 2020 Google announced the introduction of Core Web Vitals, which measure a users experience of the pages on your website.  There are three main metrics which they use to quantify this – with the aim of fixing poor using experiences on your site. Google Core Web Vitals – What does it mean for your […]

Whilst there are lots of definitions, there are ways to keep Hackers at bay.  The term “hackers” is largely associated with illegal activities that seek to compromise digital devices or networks for the purpose of malicious or financial gain.  Cyber criminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their tactics and it’s often difficult to differentiate between […]

Today, it’s easier than ever for savvy internet users to start selling either products or services directly to consumers from the comforts of their own homes.  Read more about why it’s important to have a website to begin with here: However, just because you can build the most excellent-looking website ever, complete with all […]

A professional website drives sales. Nearly 70% of consumers agree that they are more likely to buy from a business that has a website over one that does not (Source: Google My Business).  It is your business shopfront and can build credibility and confidence in your company, products or services. That’s why it’s important to consider […]

Latest community project from Kehorne A year or so ago, Kehorne became involved in helping our local church to revamp their website. We took most of the content from their old site, including some great photography which we were able to reuse. During the last year however, I noticed that there were a lot of […]

Electric or hydrogen? Imagine the day we get rid of all these petrol engine cars and have all electric, then we run out of lithium for batteries so we turn to hydrogen and engines again to get moving! We also have heavier cars as batteries weigh so much and that is wearing out the rubber on […]

Social Media WIFI and Teenagers It was not long ago when one of my wonderful children said in total seriousness “free Wi-Fi is part of my basic human rights”! After I stopped laughing and realised that it was a serious comment I went about trying (unsuccessfully) to put the point across that it was “free” […]

Blogs and Websites – what’s the big deal? Some people still see a Blog as a totally separate thing to a website when in my view if you have a website you should have a Blog and I’ll try to explain why in a simple way. What I should point out is a bit of […]