How do I create a Facebook Business Page?

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook business Pages are a free and simple way for businesses, brands, causes and organizations to reach their audience and market their business.  Facebook Business pages include business name address, phone number, opening hours, product/service category and more.  While Facebook profiles can be made private Facebook Pages are public. Google can also index your Facebook Business Page, making it easier for people to find you online.

Facebook business page


How to set up a Facebook Business Page

You Facebook Business page needs to be managed by an administrator, so the administrator needs to have a personal account (you can set one up if needed).  The information from your personal account will not be publicly visible on your business page.  Here is a link to create a FaceBook page:

But before you get stuck in here are a few tips for setting up your page:


Name your Business Page

You can use your business name or you could consider using the search term that people are likely to search for when trying to find your business, especially if it is not obvious what you do from your business name.



Your main category will appear on your Page below your business name. Use a word or two that describes your business and Facebook may suggest some options for you. You can choose up to three of the suggestions.


Description of your business

Describe what your business does, the services that you provide or the purpose of the Page. You have a limit of 255 characters – so you will need to be succinct!


Advice on Images

Facebook provides help on the optimum sizes for your images:

For profile pictures and cover photos with your logo or text, you may get a better result by using a PNG file.  Make sure images are of a good resolution and focus on your product or logo.


Creating a Username

This also determines your Facebook Page URL so it needs to be memorable and not too long. Your username will be used in Facebook searches and you want your page to stand out and to be recognisable amongst the other search results.  It should also reflect the type of business/service you offer.


About Section

It is important to enter all the relevant information here – these pages are indexed by search engines so the more precise information about your business you provide, the more likely your business will be found by the right people. To do this, click on “Edit Page Info”.


Call to Action Button

It is always good to have a Call to Action – often called a CTA. You need to guide people as to what you want them to do next – what action do you wasn’t them to take. For example: Contact Us (as we have in the example above), Book A Quote, Buy Now, Start Food Order.


Verify your page

The verified badge also known as the blue tick  appears next to a Facebook Page or profile. It means Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or global brand that it represents.  You can ask Facebook to verify your page here:


Get posting

To be visible you need to get posting! If you have a particular message that you want your visitors to see when they come to your page, you publish the message as a post and then use the “Pin” option and it will be “pinned” to the top of the page. You can unpin it at any time.



Your Page has an Inbox, which lets you communicate with people on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Messenger if you have those apps. This appears as a message button under your main image (see the example above).



There are additional tools that can help you set up events or appointments.  The Jobs tool can also help you recruit people.



Insights can help understand actions people take on your Page, such as how often they like, comment on or share posts. You can also see insights about your competitors’ Pages to learn about your industry and audience.


If you don’t want to create or manage your Facebook Business page we can do this for you so get in contact.