Why Should I Update My Website Systems?

System Upgrades

We have all been there, at the end of the long day and we just want to get home, we try to shut down the laptop and it wants to do an update.  Of course you never know how long its going to take and you can’t shut the laptop while it is updating.  So frustrating!  And it is not just laptops, PCs, phones, websites, apps – you name it and it will probably need an update at some point or other.

So why do we need to keep updating our systems?

Updates are published for a good reason – usually fixing security flaws or bug fixes. But if we don’t do these they can lead to unexpected issues.

We had a query from a potential new client who did not realise the importance of installing updates and they had left it until they had 40 WordPress updates outstanding.  Some of these updates were significant version iterations and some just slight changes.

They called us because some functions had stopped working because, although the core WordPress had updated automatically, the plugins had not. The client ran an online shop so this was a problem that could potentially result in considerable lost revenue as well as some very unhappy customers.

Do I need a Support Package?

Many clients chose not to go with a support package and therefore it is left to the website owner to perform all the necessary updates in a timely manner to ensure the website is always operating at the optimum and providing the best customer experience.  Obviously we also recommend making sure that files are regularly backed up so should there be an issue with upgrades it is easy to rectify.

Support packages can be very cost effective and take away the stress and hassle of having to do the upgrades yourself.  At Kehorne we do this every day so are well placed to be able to smoothly implement any upgrades needed.

If you need advice regarding upgrades or want to talk to us about support packages please contact us.