Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

What is a LinkedIn Business Page?

A LinkedIn business page enables you to showcase your company in the same way you showcase yourself as an individual or employee. It acts almost as a mini website and allows you to promote your products, announce important news, posts pictures and videos, without readers needing to leave the LinkedIn platform.


LinkedIn Pages Best Practices

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn Business Page now is the time to set one up.  It is simple to do and we have listed some tips below.  Remember – pages with complete information get about 30% more views


Create your company profile

Logo and cover image

Add your logo and a cover image, it makes it clear who you are and brings the page to life. The ideal size for the cover image is: 1536 x 786px. A narrow wide picture. Keep in mind that the logo will cut into slightly to the bottom of the banner image:


LinkedIn Business Page


Call-to-action button

Under the banner you can add, and personalise, buttons to guide users as to what to do next.  This could be to do something like call you or visit your website.


Overview Section (under the ‘About’ tab)

This section allows you to briefly say what your company does.  It’s important that the first 156 characters of your overview contains the keywords you want to be found for.  Lead with relevant terms and phrases – look at the keywords you using on your website for search engines, as LinkedIn members can search by keywords. This also helps your LinkedIn Business pages to be easily found by a google search if you have also used your keywords in your content.


Organisation info

Add your website URL and location, and select your industry and company size.



You can add up to 20 specialties, which are keywords to describe what your company offers.  This is similar to the ‘skills’ on your personal profile.  These will help readers instantly identify the services you offer and how you might be able to help them.



Make sure you post regularly, try to cover a range of relevant subjects, and steer clear of constant overt selling.  Give people value by posting about topics that would be of interest to your target market.  You can also humanise your brand by posting about achievements of your employees or any charitable work you may do.



Using an image can double the amount of engagement compared to a post without an image.  This can be one image or a collage of many.  It can also immediately illustrate what your post is about.



You can add video to your posts as well as uploading them independently to your page.  Posts with videos achieve 5 times the engagement of a post without video.  Videos should not be too long and ideally have subtitles so people can watch the video is about without the need to turn on sound (for example in an open plan office).



As well as short posts you can also post an article.  Articles are longer than posts and you can cover things in more depth, so are similar to a blog but can be read without the reader needing to leave the platform.



You can upload PowerPoints and PDFs to your LinkedIn Business page, to provide more in-depth or technical information for those that are interested.



Encourage staff to reshare posts from your LinkedIn Business page (as well as any posts where your company is mentioned).  In these posts they could encourage their contacts to follow your business page.


Are you ready to get started?  Here is the link:


Don’t forget that if you don’t have the time or resources to create or manage your LinkedIn Business page we can do this for you so get in contact.