Five Minutes with Kehorne MD, David – a regular business guest on local radio

For me, being a guest on Marlow FM covers a number of different things, all of which are positive things for me;

I am an ex teacher, so enjoy the build up and then presenting on radio
I do not teach anymore, but it reminds me of the muscles I built up when teaching and allows me to make sure I do not lose them. The preparation, anticipation and then the presenting is exactly the same as it is when preparing and delivering a lecture. There is a definite excitement in the build up to a show, and the sense of collaboration really makes it feel special.

From a business perspective, it can create a lot of positive noise and content for social media
We believe that your social media should try and reflect the business, the people in the business, and the activities that the people in the business do. If you follow the ‘know/like/trust’ principle of sales, then talking about something like this on Social Media, which is not directly related to your work, but is still business related falls firmly into the ‘know’ category, and helps build a more rounded vision of you and your business.

You get to discuss interesting topics with interesting people
The format of the show means that we all get to suggest topics to discuss, and then decide on the day which ones and in what order. So I get to research topics that I would not normally have an interest in, these are all business related, so I find it invaluable education for myself. Some of it actually gets implemented in the business as well!

It takes you outside of your comfort zone

It is healthy and a good thing to take ourselves outside of our comfort zones on a regular basis, it helps to keep us fresh and open to new ideas, and the more we do it, the easier it gets, the more willing we are to ‘take a chance’. I still get nervous before a show, with ‘imposter syndrome’ going round in my head, but experience has given me coping strategies to keep me on track and level headed about it.

As well as the things above, it also has these benefits;

  1. I think it is exciting
  2. It is great fun to do
  3. You are supporting local media and the local community

Of course, this is not for everyone, for many people the thought of doing something like this is literally their idea of hell. But the greater the challenge the greater the reward, and for me, when I just done a show, I am bouncing on air for a couple of days afterwards.