Mental Health in Lockdown – A Personal View

Wait – I know we have all heard perhaps too much about this topic but it is important. Here’s my personal take on things….

What are the issues of mental health in Lockdown?

  • Isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Alcohol
  • Home-schooling
  • Money
  • Lack of direction
  • No one spending money
  • No holidays

So what! Some people are having a blast – I mean who wouldn’t take 80% of normal wages to sit around at home? For some people it all started off so well…. 80% is fine because you couldn’t spend anything, no shopping, no holidays, no pubs, no restaurants….

Then the boredom kicks in – can’t get out of bed – did you feel like a teenager sleeping in every day like it was the holidays! The shine starts fading….I had someone moan about these people until I said that they were by now mostly sitting around knitting and kicking the walls – not so great really, plus my knitting is truly rubbish – 2 finger glove anyone?

Then there was the familiar theme of working crazy from home, no standard hours, no commuting and all this hard work pulling in peanuts because no one had any money to spend!

If one more person used the word “pivot” AAAHHHHH!!!!!! Most businesses couldn’t pivot so that made them feel rubbish…Why can’t I pivot my business? You only hear about the successes… its like the gambler who only ever tells you of the winnings and never the mounting debt of losses!


So one particular good thing I got told…. never say to anyone you think is having a hard time “call me if you want to talk”. I’ve been down – another story – and who did I phone – NO ONE! Its up to you to phone them and say “hi – how you doing”?

I’m actually pretty good at talking about my issues – I’m the first to shout about my issues – another story -my poor mates have to deal with this! But I still got the phone out to a couple of people who I thought were a little vulnerable.

I did get to hear a really sad story about someone who died – I’m going to assume they took their own life because I didn’t really know the relatives and how can you really find out? But I was in business discussions with this person a fair bit. They had confided in me about their delicate mental state in the past, so I was trying to keep in touch. I got told in a Zoom networking meeting that they had passed away – I’m not so big that I care to admit I ended up having to quit the meeting because I was in tears. Easy to write here because this is a long post and by now no one will have read this far!

So come on people – lets be nice to one another. What’s a bit of support cost – especially this year.

There are plenty of great things to look forward to:-

Going back to work

Going back to the office

Get away on that skiing/diving/motorbike trip

Go away ANYWHERE abroad

Stop wearing a mask in shops – yes it will happen!

Hug your best friend – watch out ….I’ll be let loose soon!

Go dating in 3D – not me obviously….

Eat indoors at a pub/restaurant – anyone get a bit cold in the beer garden?

Give up knitting….

Did I miss anything? Go ask the copywriter! Enjoy 2021 – I’m going to!

Paul Fogg