Binge Drinking in the UK

Binge drinking

Well we’ve all done it, haven’t we? I’ll admit it, but I’m guessing my young teenage son hasn’t …yet….

The guidance we get in this country is fairly good in my opinion although it is all so subjective and individual that we should not forget it is only “guidance” and therefore we should all add to this with a bit of personal data. I for instance can binge drink 4 pints and its all over when my friend has only got started….me, I’m a cheap date!

Current Government advice, which is under review, suggests men should not regularly exceed three to four units of alcohol per day (up to two pints of weak lager), while women should not have more than two or three units (one large glass of wine) daily.

In Canada and Australian the guidance is aimed at not drinking more than 4 drinks on any one day (as well as a maximum daily amount).

We also have to realise that the “units” is a very badly understood measurement. The use of anything else would also cause issues because even in a bottle the strength of a particular beer can be very different from another.

So perhaps we should be happy as it stands, get used to the Nanny State trying their best to control us and just get on down the pub and enjoy a drink. Perhaps we should outlaw all alcohol … it would save me a fortune!