Using Collaboration To Create A Better Business

Here at Kehorne, we have been busy beavering away in the background with our friends at Big Egg Films in Brighton building a website that shows different ways that you can use video to help to lift your website, tell your story and improve engagement with visitors.

A well thought through and strategically placed video on your website can help you get your message across far more quickly and effectively (see our blog on how videos help SEO as well), and is more inviting and easier to read than a long page of text.

Why Collaborate?

We love collaborating with other companies, and think that by searching out the right partners that have a similar ethos and are culturally a good fit is great for business. Being able to focus on your company’s strengths and sharing the load on non-profit making tasks (like Marketing) can make a huge difference to both companies. You get to share the tasks, tap into each other’s strengths and expand your reach without losing control of your business.

Finding The Right Partner

The most important part of all of this is finding the right partners to do it with. Collaborating with the wrong partners can cause chaos, extra work and worst of all reputational damage for your business. So here are the rules we follow for this

  • Don’t rush into it or allow yourself to be rushed into it
  • Do your research on them – are they stable & profitable, we use Companies house for this
  • Do you know anyone that has used them, would they recommend them?
  • Do you like them as people, you are planning to hopefully work closely together for a long time, if you don’t like them that becomes just hard work, if you do like them its easy
  • Does your company culture match theirs in terms of how you treat clients, how you treat projects and the type of clients you are looking for
  • Are their any areas of potential crossover in skills, how are you going to address this

Once you are happy that they tick all of the boxes, you need to sit down with them and agree how you are going to collaborate and who is responsible for what. The plan should be simple to understand, the work load is evenly split and you are leaning into your areas of expertise. You also need to ensure that whatever you are planning is achievable and will not be too much of a drain on resources for either side.

Keep Projects On Track

A more discreet upside to collaborating is that you can create a peer group of likeminded people, similar to having extra directors in your business, but in an informal way. This also makes you more accountable and your marketing is far more likely to happen and not just be a ‘good idea’ if you know that your partners are busy doing their part you want to make sure you do yours.

Our relationship with Big Egg is a good example, we focus on building and hosting great websites, they focus on creating great videos for websites, we compliment each other without treading on each other’s toes. We also have a very clear plan, any clients that we win because of our joint website are split between us, we get all the web work and they get all of the video work. Easy to understand and easy to execute.

You can see our joint website here:

We would love to know what you think of the site.  And if you want to collaborate with us, contact us and we can have a chat. If you also want to talk about a new website better still!