The Friday Piece – Cats

What is it with cats on the Internet? I know I’m in a minority but I just don’t get it. I see what is going on, I see the amount of views and likes the cat videos get, but seriously!

I went on a media course covering Facebook for business users and I was told the following “I know you don’t want to hear this but cats will attract more attention than any thing else” – I and almost all the guys on the course groaned.

Now I’ve just been shown a video of a cat dressed as a pirate……Ahhhh

Last night I was watching Chris Tarrant at a train station in Japan visiting Tama the train station master cat….It’s so massive out there with every type of Tama merchandising you could imagine and the train all covered in Tama logos. Nitama, successor of Tama, has been sworn in as stationmaster cat at Kishi train station in Japan, and so it goes on,  Save me!

And now I’ve just discovered that Tama past away 22 June 2015, so lucky they had a replacement all prepared with Nitama. At least Hello Kitty won’t ever leave us.

And then I wrote a piece on cats…. does this mean I’m converting?????