New Project – Driving Instructor Slough

Ants Driving School Slough

Just had a fun project helping out a local driving instructor update his website content.
This was a small and pretty quick project for Kehorne Limited because the client didn’t have a budget to rebuild the site, and it wasn’t a terrible design anyway.
The interesting thing was it was built in a old way (by internet standards that is), standard html code with no Content Management System. Although I would not suggest a site being built this way now I rather enjoyed going back to my roots and coding the “old fashioned” way. And believe me, I had to stretch my grey cells on this – perhaps I’m older than I think I am!
All I did was upgrade the site to https (secure hosting), add new images and updated written content, throw in a bit of Search Engine Optimisation and add a few subtle additional items to make the site work better for Tony.
If anyone needs a really good driving instructor in the #Slough area check out He is very personable and has taught a couple of people I know so I can personally recommend him!