Kehorne Expedition to Devon

Just to prove we do something else from just working! Some of the team went off for a ride that follows the Devon Coast to Coast route from Ilfracombe to Plymouth.

A beautiful part of the world, but some of those hills!!!! Killers. If we were all proper cyclists perhaps we would have been moaning a bit less….but it was all good character building stuff.

Did we learn anything we could bring back into our work environment? Well in some was yes we did. Sometimes its good to look and think outside the box. We saw some amazing designs that gave us inspiration which in our design work is necessary and refreshing.

Ilfracombe is where Jonathan Edwards lived for many years and they have this brilliant (lets call it a sculpture) layout which shows his world record triple jump in real scale, with his take off, the 2 next steps and the landing all in the ground. This is really impressive to see and shows the incredible distance travelled. We can also recommend the Wetherspoons! Careful of that big breakfast with 1500 calories!

We came back more energised and ready for work as a change is as good as a rest, but apologises to anyone on the train back for the smell, we must have been a right state after the 41 miles that day!