Google next algorithm is coming

Google algorithm

November 1st is the date when the next change occurs in the Google algorithm.

The main change is going to be aimed at the mobile aspects of web pages which reflects the amount of traffic that is happening through our mobile phones.

As ever Google’s priority is to give users the most relevant information possible for their search query and to this end they are going to ensure that if someone searches for something then the page that appears is most relevant and does not include an interstitial – this is defined as a web page that is displayed before an expected content page, often to display advertisements, confirm the user’s age, or promote the installation of an app on a mobile device.

Google will not bar sites from doing this, they just don’t want interstitials to cover up all the relevant copy, so careful analysis of your site is due in order to ensure your pages are not adversely effected in the next change.

If you have any issues with your site and you’re not sure if this Google change will effect you why not give us a call 01753 526192 and have a word with Paul our resident web site optimisation expert or email him on [email protected]