How important is it to celebrate anniversaries?

Today is a big day for someone! It always is, but what I’m alluding to, is because I know someone who has a son who is 21 years old today and I wondered what that entails, if anything.

I found an interesting website  where they list what can be done at what age… 21 years old – you can now adopt a child, amongst a few other things. Obviously turning 16 or 18 is where we get much of the legal limitations lifted but if you want to see some interesting questions have a look down the page on this link for some interesting questions being posed.

Like most things in life – when a rule is made there will always be exceptions and complications, particularly as time goes on and new standards of “normal” slide into our lives. Often the law is playing a bad case of catch-up.

So another person I know is having a 30 year work anniversary – unbelievable for today’s generation who look likely to have had a job or career  change every few years. I think we should celebrate this sort of  anniversary more because it will become rarer as time goes on and perhaps by celebrating these we could attach more significance to it.

Kehorne has been operating for just over 10 years now and I think we should have shouted a little more about it, but we were too busy to get around to it, but perhaps that’s more my fault for not stepping up to the plate and just organising something. Perhaps I still will!