Happy Birthday World Wide Web

So “IT” is 30 years old today…. IT = The Internet the World Wide Web

Does this make me old? To my kids ,YES!

I spent this morning trying to put some things into perspective with my teenage children….

My first PC was built by my Dad, it had 8KB of raw power – a UK101 if anyone is interested…. perhaps not.

My phone has 64GB of storage – what an amazing amount of progress and it just keeps going, although many aspects seems to have plateaued (mobile phones are concentrating on adding better features like cameras as opposed to raw data or processor speed), but still things are moving on. I love TV’s for this… we had normal vision that got surpassed by HD then 4k and now 8k is on the horizon. You may realise that human sight is around the 8k mark, so surely this is where that will have to stop, because anything beyond 8k will not be visible to a human, although my faith in marketing leaves me thinking they will try and sell us 18k TVs at some point in the future!

I wonder what the next big step change will be in technology – voice recognition is a big thing as is processor power required for the car industry so that cars will be able to drive themselves.

Strangely enough the issue with driverless cars is the amount of power they will consume vs the amount of battery power to get a certain distance – the more power they use the shorter the distance they can go between charges and the weight of the computer would add to the car also reduces distances. They need some really clever solutions before the amount of data involved being crunched and passed around to other cars on the road is being able to be actioned in a process that can sit within a car.

I think if I knew what the next new thing was I would not be writing about it…I would be investing in it!

But what I do know is at Kehorne we love technology and we all look forward to seeing what comes along – I feel like I’m already saving up for something that does not exist yet!