Networking around Slough

This Friday 1st March we had our usual meeting at the Cross Reference Networking group in Gerrards Cross at the Bull Hotel.
We had two very interesting talks from group members @Una King and @Jackie Kennedy . As usual lots of hints and tips or just interesting information on offer from very knowledgeable people.
@Jackie Kennedy was showing us what is going to be this years hot and interesting promotional gifts. The usual will and has been for year, pens – surprise surprise, but what is interesting is the range of items and costs! From a few pence to £25 per pen! You really do get what you pay for but with help and guidance from Jackie you can also get a real bargain.
The highlight for me was the branded socks – who would have thought about that, and the Bluetooth headphones – not cheap but something that when branded up will really keep your brand front and centre in someones mind.
@Una King gave us so much great financial information because the tax year is coming to and end and its the best time to look at how best to use any allowances that you have, in particular ISA savings. Perhaps a Junior ISA might be good for your children, adding a lump sum into your pension fund can be tax efficient, and then you have a tax free gift allowance of £3000 per year ( tax year end 2018/19) to reduce any inheritance tax liabilities .
As ever Una has so much knowledge and advice that as members of the group you can just pick her brains for snippets of absolute gold!