College Marketing Network Annual Conference 2016

Small changes to your web site that will make real differences

Kehorne were invited to attend and give a talk at this event in Northampton on 29/11/2016

We tried to give the delegates an insight into web sites and how some small changes to a site can increase their effectiveness.

Covering aspects as diverse as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media, legal aspects and making the site more “sticky” by adding in multi media interaction.

There are some simple checks that can be made to a site to ensure the user will not be instantly turned off the site, such as checking the links all work and they are actually there, are the contact details easy to find (in the header and the footer of each page), are there downloads of important information and are these working, is the site load speed fast enough.

All of these are fairly basic points and much of this is covered in the design phase of a site – complimented by the build phase where more testing and checking can take place.

After the site is live then the SEO aspect can really begin to come into its own. Sometimes a page within a site can be designed with one function in mind but on analysis of the usage data it is being using in a total different manner. This sort of usage will only be found in retrospect but it is important to react to it as it can massively improve the website and bring focus back to a page, utilising what would have been missed in a creative and positive way. Google Analytics is a great asset in this and much information can be found relatively easily by anyone. To go into more detail can be more difficult and might mean using a professional, but so much of any site can have basic SEO done by an amateur (time allowing).

Kehorne pride itself in making sure that the small points get covered in a web site so that it can fulfil its potential.