Kehorne Annual Cycle Ride

Every now and again David Horne and I get off for a couple of days cycling, usually dragging another of our cycling buddies with us, most often Colin Houston.

Many years ago we were sharing rooms, staying in hostels, generally doing it very cheap. But over the years we have become more discerning…. Or we just can’t stand the snoring!

So now it’s cheap hotels and single rooms but the trips are pretty much the same.

We go with minimal luggage, hybrid bikes and usually try and follow roads that are a bit quieter – often following the National Cycle Routes.  But it depends on Google Maps which can sometimes throw up some very interesting routes!

2022 Trip

Paul Fogg CycleSo this year’s trip was from Slough along the Grand Union Canal into London – staying around Docklands for the night. A fairly short 30 miles ride along flat paths. One interesting aspect is the canal goes over the top of the North Circular and the number of times I have driven under this with no idea what was above my head!

Leaving The Bikes

Having arrived we got into walking mode to get over to Greenwich for some beer and food – beer can be an excellent liquid to rehydrate! We walked under the Thames through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel which I’ve seen before and always wanted to do – busier than I expected and not unpleasant at all – didn’t those Victorians do a good job of infrastructure!

Saturday Morning

We were up good and early for a long 60 mile ride along the Lee Valley towards Cambridge. Another lovely sector with good bike riding paths mainly off the road. Good weather and mostly flat so we managed a fair pace, got into Cambridge late afternoon and checked in for a night in student accommodation in Christ’s College Cambridge. This was an experience in itself, having seen it from outside it was fascinating to see it from inside. Accommodation was a bit sparse but the water was hot, the bed comfortable and we were close to town so it was easy to get around.


We also managed to have a quick look into SmokeWorks restaurant, who are one of our clients, but unfortunately we arrived too late into town and left too early to say hello in person.  However we did get a picture of David outside just to prove we made it there!

Last Day

Third and final day was a short 30 miles ride along mainly cycle routes into Hitchin where we had a massive Sunday lunch before getting the train back in to London and then back home.

Another great weekend just doing something a bit different – if we can raise a bit of money or exposure for the charities then we have done some good along the way.  This years charity is Children’s Air Ambulance if you would like to donate.