Networking in Slough

Posted on 11-Nov-16

For many small and medium sized businesses in and around the Slough area they rely on finding new business through the network of people they know. Continually building this network is  obviously important, but how can you do that after you've exhausted your existing friends and clients? Networking events are the most important avenue to extending this. I've detailed some of the events in and around Slough and although this is not an exhaustive list I would be interested to hear of anyone who has heard of other events that could be added to this list:-

  • Slough BNI - Holiday Inn Slough every Friday morning
  • Biscotti Networking - Slough group in Holiday Inn every month
  • TWIS -
  • Menzies Lunch Club - Old Windsor
  • Aspire
  • BLT Marlow
  • Cross Reference Gerrards Cross