When a WordPress site goes wrong

WordPress can go wrong

Kehorne recently had the pleasure of rebuilding a site that was originally done in WordPress but the person responsible for the site build had “disappeared”. This is an issue when dealing with the cheaper end of the market when a one man band is building sites.
We suspect the person was starting to have issues with the sites he had built as they started to go wrong and he just walked away.
A WordPress site can and should be a very reliable platform for a site but the Plugins are where the problems usually start as they are not kept as up to date as the main site, leading to issues with compatibility and online security.
Often when a site is built it is normally limited in size but as time goes on it can grow and in this case was now over 70 pages that needed to be recreated. A fairly major job when not all the passwords where available to gain the access we required to move the site.

Database anyone?

Overall a great exercise in the finer points of database administration – but who apart from us is interested in that! What our client wanted was his web site back working – he’s not interested in our technical challenge.
The lesson here is that sometimes it is worth paying proper money for a web site to a reputable company such as Kehorne, who will be around to offer back up and support for your site. If you business depends on your web presence can you afford for it to be down or broken?

Comments please?

If any of this resonates with you we would love to hear of your experiences.
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