WordPress 5.5 update

Image of WordPress a trusted CMS that Kehorne has many years experience with

Today for many of us WordPress fans is when we get a chance to update to a new version of this very popular Content Management System.

Whilst updates are a normal part of life for all sorts of things from our channels on TV, computer operating systems and now of course our mobile phones. But one part of the update process is often forgotten (unless you have our Kehorne maintenance/support package…)

So we update our clients website software on a very regular basis and make sure after an update it all still works, but what has been a more manual process until now is the updates to the Plugins – the additional software aspects that add more functions to your website, from contact forms to image sliders etc… Well from now on you can set these to auto update, adding even more security to your website – after all many of these updates plug security flaws that have been discovered, so all really good news!

So please, go ahead, log into your systems and do the updates, set up the plugins to auto update and keep your systems as safe as possible! With this update there are speed enhancements to your site, so absolutely no reason to not do this.

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