Windows 7 is about to die – update for free

windows 10

Happy New Year to you all. Well lets use this time to get right into the housekeeping with IT, but specifically if you are still using Windows 7 – and yes some of us out there are still using it.
I had an old PC running it so wondered if I could still upgrade it for “free” – and guess what – so far so good. Most old PC’s will handle the upgrade, its just more of a problem if you have some hardware thats won’t work with Windows 10, such as a printer of wifi extender plugged in.
But safety first folks, trying to keep the hackers at bay is much more important in the medium to long term and sometimes you know it will always cost s bit more, but it is worth it, and probably easier than you think to upgrade. I feel Microsoft is just letting people upgrade because its not worth the flak they get from bad publicity, far easier to give it away and get some positive PR, anyway there will always be some who just go out and either pay for it, or jump to a new machine to get it…
Go to for some good advice on how to go through it but I found that although it took a while to go through and you have to keep coming back to click it into the next stage it was very straight forward and after a while it all seems so far to have gone ahead and kept all my data and worked!

So don’t delay any more…DO IT NOW