WiFi Bugs and the recent “KRACK” issue

computer hackers

There is some good news and bad news about this bug, and we will go straight into this before covering what exactly it is. The good news is it is really hard for any system to be actually attacked. Someone would have to physically be within range to attack your system and that is going to be pretty difficult to do any real damage on a large scale. It will require a hacker to spend a lot of time in preparation on a specific target.

computer hackers

The bad news is that almost all devices that use WiFi (computers, phones, routers, TVs) are open to this as it is based around the WPA2 system.

What is is :- “Krack is harder to patch than the average bug. It targets a fundamental weakness in the way WPA2 reinstalls private keys, which makes it particularly difficult for security teams to be sure a given patch will protect against every attack. We’re likely to see related exploits popping up for years to come, potentially until the industry moves to the next Wi-Fi encryption standard.”

This vulnerability is slowly being fixed as patches are starting to be released, but due to the nature of the bug these are taking time in being implemented.

The main thing that we can recommend is not to panic about this issue. It will be highly unlikely that a private individual or small business would gain enough attention from a would-be hacker. Larger businesses should seek appropriate advice as each company will have specific vulnerabilities.

As usual the best advice is to watch out for any patches and ensure you keep all your devices up to date by applying any updates as soon as they are made available.

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