Why do you need a website

Why do you need a website?

This week we are talking about why do you need a website to begin with.  In Season 2 of our podcast, we are covering a wide range of topics with the aim of sharing our 20 years experience and tips from guests experts to help you to improve your own website.

It’s a straightforward question, but there are so many companies that don’t have website who will also say my business does not need one – and who are maybe using a Facebook page for their business instead.

Why do you need a website?

The important thing to consider is that having a website gives you a base – it gives you an anchor, a single URL that is the absolute point of reference and the shop window for your company.  Social media pages can be good for promotions and networking, but you are constrained by what you can communicate to a potential customer if that is your only touchpoint. 

Having a website can also help to build credibility and trust, and a potential new customer might use your website to research your company and find out more about you.  A good website will keep people engaged and it’s worth investing the time and money to get it right – as an unprofessional, poorly designed website could easily turn potential customers away.  It is often the first impression a new client has of your business.

People buy from people.  Building a website helps you to build your brand, manage your narrative and reinforce your credibility.   Not only that, if you don’t have a website, it’s almost impossible for search engines such as Google to find you (in fact it’s almost impossible unless you have a trade or directory listing elsewhere).

Your website allows you to compete, not only with direct competitors in your local area, but allows you to open up to national and international markets.  You can announce new products, updates to services or additions to your team.  If you are selling physical products, you can also add an e-commerce store to your site.

Join us for our next 30 second read, where we will be talking about how to get a domain name and how to choose a good one.