What to do on a Wet British Bank Holiday


We had to go experience the wet and the cold on this record breaking August bank holiday.

A trip to Silverstone to watch the MotoGP racing with the high points being just getting there and back with out being soaked!

Unfortunately the racing became a bit dull as so many people crashed out each race leaving the winners out by miles in all 3 races, and this all due to the damp and unpredictable aspect of the track, rain in places whilst just damp in others and it changed constantly.

Luckily for me I was under cover and plenty of coffee kept the warmth going.

Anyway the best thing is we are all back at work in the warm and dry and knuckling down to work again with some very interesting projects on the horizon.

View of the track from Becketts all nicely under cover!

Great result for Valentino Rossi and local British lad Danny Kent.