Trusted outsource partners

Part of our journey as a company over the last 10 plus years has been learning what it’s worth doing in-house, and what you need to outsource. As a technology based company it was very easy in the early days for us to get seduced by the idea that we could solve every problem with a completely custom solution. In a lot of cases we could, but it wasn’t always the best use of our time, especially as with most things there is more to do than just the set-up. And an hour a week spent maintaining an internal system is an hour a week we aren’t spending on client work. At the end of the day, the client doesn’t care which invoicing system you use, as long as it works.

Once we’d started to learn these lessons we started to build up a number of trusted partners. A number of them we’ve now been using for a few years, and we don’t intend to move any time soon. One key partner is our ISP, who we can call and get through to a staff member we’ve got a long term relationship with and knows our set-up well without having to look anything up in a database. Another is our IT Support partner who troubleshoots any issues we have with our office IT. They regularly fix issues within minutes which likely would have taken us a few hours, and they were invaluable last year when we needed to transition the team to Working from Home on fairly short notice.

These partners mean we can focus on doing what we do well. And it’s our distinct hope and aim that we can be the same for our clients.