Top things you should do on a regular basis

cyber security

Christmas already feels like a long time ago, and spring is just round the corner. We are all busy getting on with work, but there are still some tasks that we would recommend you do. These are simple things, and would not harm you to do on a regular basis.

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Top things to do:

  • Back up everything
    Having a backup of all your data only becomes an issues when something goes wrong and you DON’T have a backup! Kehorne include a regular backup of your website as standard in their hosting package.
  • Does your website still actually work?
    Go have a look, work your way through the links to check it is all still working. Look at the contact form and use it to make sure that still works.
  • Update all of your WordPress plugins
    Go into the Admin and update all the plugins and make sure the site didn’t break when you did this! It shouldn’t but just check. Updating your software will keep your site secure so don’t put this off.
  • Update and run your virus software
    Assuming you have some, this is essential for keeping your PC’s secure.
  • Passwords
    Are all your passwords secure – change them if you are using anything like “password1”!