To build a brand you need passion…

Exercises for Darebee

This is just a simple article about someone that has built a brand the right way (in my opinion at least), but first I will give it some context. Normally I go to the gym and do classes, so my workout routine is just what the class is that day. That is great for me because I get variety and all I have to do is turn up 4 times a week at the right time wearing the right kit and do what I am told, easy.

However, over the last 12 or so weeks I have been having to fend for myself, off to the park with an assortment of odd equipment (that I could beg, borrow or steal) and doing my workout alone along with other well distanced individuals doing their own routines too.

That is when I found this website –

The idea behind the site is really simple, lots of well laid out routines that you can download, print and use for a workout. What I really like is that it is free; free to use, free from adverts and free from promoted products. If you want to donate to keep it running you can, and if you want to buy books of the workouts you can – but both are entirely optional.

So why am I writing this? Well, it is an excellent example of how to build a brand with longevity and a loyal group of users, and here’s why;

  1. No barrier to entry – Not only is it free, but you don’t have to register, so no concerns that you will be bombarded with emails down the line.
  2. Consistency – New routines are added regularly, and they are all done to the same high standard.
  3. Sponsor free – Sponsorship is not a bad thing, but it does mean that you lose a certain amount of your independence, so in the early days when you are still shaping it, you want the freedom to build what you want.
  4. Resilience – Neila has been doing this for a few years, so has built up an audience – and probably had a lot of organic growth in that time, meaning that she has a solid and loyal audience.
  5. Passion – You wouldn’t be doing all of this with no obvious pay off unless you were passionate about doing it.

This is all done from a position of wanting to give and improve people’s lives first whilst building a brand, and making money is secondary to that. So it’s not really ‘work’ in a conventional sense. It’s great to see a brand that is substance over style, that has not just tried to lure you in quickly and take your money before you realise that it is just smoke and mirrors.

That is how I try and run my business as well, putting the customer at the centre and remaining honest and transparent about what we do, and how we do it.

So my tips to building a brand or a business

  • Stay consistent
  • Be patient
  • Love what you are doing
  • Be honest
  • Be fair

So thank you @neilarey for saving my sanity during lockdown, much appreciated

You can see the site here :-