The importance of keeping up to date contact details

Keeping up to date contact details

Keeping up to date contact details and an accurate record of who you are in business with, both your customers and outside contractors seems like a simple task must do – but sometimes doesn’t get talked about enough.

Obviously we’ve all heard the sales pitches for the latest must-have CRM, but it isn’t always the best fit for all companies. And the emphasis on customers can sometimes leave other business contacts, such as outside contractors, overlooked.

A recent issue with a client brought this into focus for us – we needed them to change a detail on their domain name. A simple enough task, however they didn’t easily have to hand any records for who controlled their domain name! So what should have been a routine change turned into weeks of detective work trying to find the correct company to contact!

Thankfully in this case the delay didn’t cause any issues, but in different circumstances it could have led to their website going down, and potentially lost revenue.

Whether you use, a CRM, a digital address book, or a simple spreadsheet. It’s always worth regularly checking that the details you have for an important contractor are correct and up to date. A little bit of work now could save you a lot of time later!.

Blog Contributor:  Senior Developer, Daniel Hardy