Technology Can Improve Your Franchises

When you are franchising your business, there’s a lot to consider and a huge number of different things to manage. At the heart of a truly successful franchise network is the ability to replicate your core business operation to ensure that whichever unit a customer interacts with, they always have the same positive experience. The reputation of your whole franchise network rests on a customer’s individual experience with a single unit, so ensuring consistency across all units is key.

The problem is: How do you ensure that all of the franchise units in your network give the same consistent customer experience without the overhead of having a dedicated team constantly checking? This problem is exacerbated when you have a change in procedure that you need to communicate throughout your network, and have everyone adopt.

Thankfully the ubiquity of the Internet, as a standard utility in homes and businesses, now provides the means to control and eliminate many such problems. At Kehorne we specialise in designing and building websites for this market. We have 16 years of experience working with some of the largest franchise networks on the planet and we can help you to manage your franchise and move it forward.

Our websites have enabled franchisers to:

  • Collect data and analyse how their various franchise units currently perform specific tasks
  • Roll out new procedures in a controlled environment with the ability to check progress and compliance using on-line instructions and tracking, and requiring the franchises to upload evidence of compliance for approval
  • Create and run promotions to reward franchises for fully engaging in the process
  • Create platforms that allow the franchise units to communicate and share information and best practise with the head office and each other.

All of these functions can be implemented securely, with each franchise having their own unique log-in which provides access to only their own data, whilst the administrator is able to log in and see an overview of how the process is going for all units, as well, of course, as being able to add and edit content on the site.

If you would like to know more, please visit our site devoted to franchises or call David on 01753 526 192 for an informal chat to see if we can help, or email [email protected] with a brief outline and a time and date to suit, and your telephone number and we will call you back.