Teamwork – does the team work for you?

Sometimes, being in a team can be great and at other times it can be a real bind. But in my experience I’ve felt much better as part of a team and over the last 10 years or so at Kehorne, teamworking has been a great resource and benefit to me for the work I do.

teamworking at Kehorne
Teamworking in action?

So – personally? Well in case it has escaped you, the last 18 months of Covid and various lock-downs have really put a strain on mental wellness and I’ve had my moments like many of us have. So the team became even more important to me and we set up Zoom calls on a regular basis to check in and see how we were all getting along. At the start it was a daily call but as things progressed we cut this down a little – but still the importance cannot be underestimated.

Working with a team – this is where we have made a massive stride forward in the way we were as a business. About a year before Covid we decided to take on more staff to give us more capacity as well as a more diverse skill base. We took on more development and project management resource and as a side benefit we employed someone with some marketing skills.

So what did this mean for me…. well instead of trying to do everything, I was able to start to concentrate on what I’m better at and delegate out tasks that I would normally be trying to do but would take me ages to sort out. For example, I would be putting together a website and coming up against an issue that I would have to research and resolve. Now, I can ask a proper developer to fix it, usually in minutes, and it may have saved an hour of my time. What’s not to like!

But what about when teams don’t work – I remember being in a team in a previous job where there was friction between members – the recruitment process had been pretty badly managed and the team leader brought in had a real issue with some members. It became an us and them situation, where people were being forced to take sides. So much time and energy was wasted in this fruitless situation and higher management really didn’t seem to care. It resulted in the team breaking up – people leaving was seen as the only fix.

So my conclusion to teams is to make sure the people who make up the team are brought together in a way that they fit, be it on a work or personality basis. Use the talent available to get the best person to do the right part of a job, get rid of the culture where its seen as a failure to have to ask for help. The important part is the job gets done as efficiently as possible.

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